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Passengers in paintings

Van Gogh Museum

With 68.4 million people a year flying to and from Schiphol, we should be able to find the people on Van Gogh’s Paintings. Or their look-a-likes: found by facial recognition! We make an interactive expo out of the painted and real life faces. Who do you resemble most? Be part of Van Gogh Travels.

Holland’s Most Unknown Cheese

Henri Willig

Henri Willig wants to inspire the world with their cheese. Since 1974 millions of tourists every year try a piece. Everyone… but the Dutch! So we’ll use tourists in their own clothes and language to promote very Dutch cheese to very Dutch people, in the arrivals hall. Welcome home, say KAAS!

The destination you don’t want to go

Stichting Melanoom

Do you know Melanoma, the most dangerous sun-related destination of skin cancer? During the complete customer journey at Schiphol people are made aware of the risks of travelling to this fictitious island. We give them all the information and encouragement so they become sun-conscious.

The Uneven Lounge

Tony’s Chocolonely

Things are shared unevenly in the chocolate supply chain. It’s reflected in the shape of our chocolate bars, and now you can experience it at Tony’s airport lounge. All chairs are awkwardly uneven! Help Tony make the world even. Buy one bar for yourself and one for a friend to share our story.

The Surprise Flight

Postcode Loterij

Big surprise! In the departure hall travelers are welcomed by The Surprise Flight crew, who invite them to play Het Reiskofferspel (Travelcase Game). Pick a random case, and discover the secret amount of travel miles within, which allow you to win a fantastic or even mindblowing trip!

Anti Cabin Hair


Flying is not a very hair friendly activity (right, girls?). But now there’s Anti Cabin Hair, a protecting moisturizing serum by Oge Exclusive. The cheeky campaign shows fashion models with wild, exploded or dry cabin hair.

Check the huge portraits at the expo, and receive Oge’s newest product!

My Dutch house


You’re landing in the country of the Dutch? Live like the Dutch! Booking.com gives you the opportunity to stay in your own Dutch House. There are many kinds of them. Big, small, traditional, modern. Have a look in the Dutch Windmill and see for yourself

Have a great stay in Holland!